Hello Chums!

I know I get a lot of regular readers as WordPress kindly keeps track of all my views and the IP addresses they come from. I have one that keeps popping up pretty much each day, so hi to you whoever you are!

Anyway, I’d love some interaction with you guys, and I thought that a Q&A could be fun. So feel free to tweet (my profile is private, but I’ll always accept a follow from you guys) comments or even snapchat (laura191290) me any questions, and sometime in the future I’ll do a video to answer them.

This could totally became really embarrassing and I’ll have like zero questions but never mind. Worth a go 🙂

Have a lovely day guys xx

About Laura

Born and raised in Yorkshire, but Scotland is home. Frequent tea drink although I do love a good glass of wine! Lover of classical music, blues brothers and polka dots. Constantly have a creative idea, and sometime I even get round to doing it. Make up and beauty is my hobby! Feel free to tweet, youtube or email me!

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