Candy Coloured Bracelets

Here’s a few new pieces from Polka Dot Teapot. These beautiful cord bracelets. These are all one off pieces at the minute using bits I have as well as these beautiful cords I bought 🙂

Everything can be purchased at

IMG_20140608_201819 IMG_20140608_201922 IMG_20140608_202016 IMG_20140608_202059

I love love love these charms! I only have these four at the minute, but if I get more interest I’ll order more colours.

These are £4.00 each or 2 for £6.50. Be quick!

IMG_20140608_202155 IMG_20140608_202441 IMG_20140608_202335 IMG_20140608_202552 IMG_20140608_202659 IMG_20140608_202809 IMG_20140608_202951 IMG_20140608_203105 IMG_20140608_203216

These are all made using charms and odds and ends I have in, so everyone is unique. These would be so cute for festivals and would look awesome stacked!

£3.50 each or 2 for £6.00

IMG_20140608_202856 IMG_20140608_203315

And how cute are these?

Thanks for taking a look at this new range, and if you have any other suggestions tweet me!

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